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Photos GP Monaco 2015 (Saturday): Formula 1 in flight mode

Photos GP Monaco 2015 (Saturday)
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I The photographers get their money's worth in Monaco . The guard rail jungle is a guarantee for spectacular pictures. Also because the roofs allow many different perspectives. For the most exciting snapshots from qualifying, it was enough to stand in the swimming pool chicane. There the Formula 1 cars raided the curbs and took off.

Driving through the alleys

Sebastian Vettel inspected the Silver Arrow very carefully after qualifying, while Lewis Hamilton did his first Got pole in Monaco. The Mercedes driver cheered again in proper style with sunglasses. Ferrari was only left with third place for Vettel. Kimi Räikkönen even processed the left rear wheel into kindling in the third training session.

Numerous drivers were once again at their limit. This is proven by the many smoke signals from the pilots who braked themselves. This also included Nico Rosberg, who wanted to counter his stable rival. In our picture gallery we show you the best pictures from Saturday in Monaco.


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