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Photos GP Monaco 2013: First impressions from Monte Carlo

Photos GP Monaco 2013 (Tuesday)
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D he Formula 1 has arrived in Monaco. On Tuesday (May 21, 2013) all teams were busy clearing their garages. The guest appearance of the premier class is a logistical masterpiece every year. Only a sophisticated schedule that regulates when the trucks are allowed to go to the paddock and into the pit lane can prevent the chaos.

Team trucks in Monaco one kilometer away

' You shouldn't forget anything in the trucks here, 'explains Williams team manager Dickie Stanford. 'The next truck is one kilometer from the garage.' In the narrow streets, the truck drivers have to be as focused as the Formula 1 drivers. Everywhere traffic islands and guard rails are just waiting to scratch the paint on the vans.

Force India also made its home in the garage on Tuesday. The orange-white-green convoy traveled 1,550 kilometers from Silverstone to the Côte d'Azur. The assembly of the parts is a little more difficult than normal in the narrow pit lane. Due to a lack of space, the engineers' command posts are not located directly on the home straight but on the second floor above the boxes.

Red Bull -Motorhome on floating pontoon

Everything in the Principality is a bit narrower than on normal racetracks. The paddock was also set up according to a strict plan. One team was only allowed to start when the other was finished, so that there would be no accidents during the forklift ballet. Only Red Bull didn't have any problems. The so-called Energy Station is located outside the paddock on a swimming pontoon and can easily change places by tractor.

In our picture gallery we have the first impressions of the arrival of Formula 1 in Monaco.


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