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Photos GP Mexico (Thursday): Ear alarm in Mexico

Photos GP Mexico (Thursday)
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I n Mexico, the thermometer barely climbs higher than 20 ° C. Nevertheless, the engineers take cooling measures on the cars as if we were in Malaysia. The hoods are opened wider at the back. And on some cars you could see additional air scoops on the airbox.

Ears cool the turbos

The engineers use their small 'ears' to direct cooling air to the turbo. The small fan has to turn much faster in the thin air in order to transport oxygen into the combustion chamber. On the other hand, more revolutions also means higher heat development.

The thin air not only makes cooling more difficult. It also makes pilots out of breath faster. Nico Rosberg passed the acid test straight away. He jogged around the new route. 'After that, my heart rate was significantly higher than normal,' said the Mercedes driver.

In our gallery we have again collected a mixture of interesting technical details and colorful impressions.


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