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Photos GP Mexico 2016 (Thursday): Dance of Death at Red Bull

Red Bull
Photos GP Mexico 2016 (Thursday)
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B e Red Bull is one of the most popular come up with something new to make headlines. In Austria the pilots came in lederhosen outfits, in Austin Daniel Ricciardo played the Texan farmer and in Mexico both drivers had a skull painted on their face.

Ricciardo and Verstappen in a scary look

The action for the Mexican day of death (“dia de muertos”) was not the only thing that was worth taking a photo on Thursday. Technology fans also got their money's worth. In the pit lane, the engineers had prepared their cars for the thin air at an altitude of 2,240 meters. Large additional openings were cut into the body for better cooling.

First detailed photos of the new Ferrari wing

The Ferrari attracted the most interested looks. The mechanics had re-mounted the large wing on the underbody, which Sebastian Vettel had tested for the first time in Austin. There you could not take photos, however, because the wing element Vettel flew around the ears when driving over the curbs after a few laps in training. Now there are finally detailed pictures.

In the gallery we show you the best technical shots and lots of colorful impressions.


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