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Photos GP Malaysia 2016: The pictures from the race in Sepang

Photos GP Malaysia 2016 (race)
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E s was a hot race. Not only because of the high temperatures of over 30 degrees air and almost 60 degrees asphalt temperature. But also because the 22-horsepower knight swung the really big drama club. It started with the start when Sebastian Vettel rumbled into Nico Rosberg.

Pictures from the Malaysian GP in the gallery

It continued when Lewis Hamilton started the engine without warning. The world champion couldn't believe his bad luck. Just like his Mercedes crew and the bosses Toto Wolff and Niki Lauda. But Rosberg too had another hairy moment. He sled in an attack in Kimi Räikkönen and was punished with ten seconds. Nevertheless, he managed to cross the finish line in third place.

In between, Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen fought a great duel. With the better outcome for the Australian, who knew how to fend off the attacks of his stable rival in the final sprint. And the rest of the pilots also heated up the 46,000 spectators in the stands.

In our photo show we show you the gripping pictures from Sepang.


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