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Photos GP Malaysia 2015 (Thursday): Final preparations for the heat battle

Photos GP Malaysia 2015 (Thursday)
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I n Malaysia it's hot. Very hot. As on the day before, the temperatures climbed above 30 degrees on Thursday. But it felt even warmer. So sweating was the order of the day.

Mercedes with a new front wing

For the teams, the hot stove at Sepang is a special challenge. The temperatures in the pre-season tests and the season opener were still moderate to. At the weekend, the 2015 generation Formula 1 cars will be put to the tough test for the first time in Malaysia.

The designers trim the racing cars accordingly. Large air grilles could be seen on the edge of the cockpit at Mercedes. The technicians cut a total of six openings into the cladding of the F1 W06. Williams is also going this way.

Mercedes has registered a new front wing with the FIA ​​for the Malaysia GP. From the outside, the differences are difficult to see. Because the secrets are on the underside of the empennage. Ferrari brings a new rear wing with modified end plates. During the pit stop training it was not installed.

Because the garages of all teams have to be opened on Thursday, we had the opportunity to photograph technical details. We also have the first pictures from scrutineering. Here, the technical delegates check whether the cars comply with the regulations and safety regulations. For the drivers it was necessary to inspect the route on a tour. You can find all photos in our large gallery.


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