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Photos GP Malaysia 2015 (Saturday): Sepang's rain qualifying in pictures

Photos GP Malaysia 2015 (Saturday)
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L ewis Hamilton pulled from Malaysia on Saturday's qualifying another show. It was the third this year after his pole in Australia and the subsequent victory. But this time one of the Britons came very close: Sebastian Vettel.

Rosberg praises Vettel after rainy qualifying

The Ferrari driver almost stole the first starting position from Hamilton. The Heppenheimer was only missing 74 thousandths. The defeated Nico Rosberg, who completed the top trio, also praised it. 'Sebastian drove a great lap. He found the right line in the rain.'

Rain: That is the right keyword. In the second part of the qualification the sky opened its gates and the rain pelted the cars. It also flashed and thundered wildly. Nobody flew off the piste, but a prominent driver slipped out early. Kimi Räikkönen already gave up in Q2.

We show you the highlights of Qualifying Saturday in Malaysia in our gallery. As always, garnished with a portion of technical highlights.


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