Photos GP Japan 2015 (race)

Photos GP Japan 2015 (race)
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N iki Lauda and Toto Wolff complained after the Race that Mercedes received too little attention from the TV director. When the two Silberpfeil bosses look at our photo gallery, they certainly cannot complain. Fortunately, Bernie Ecclestone is not yet in control of the photographers.

After the drama and spectacle of the previous year, things were a little quieter this time. Lewis Hamilton left nothing wrong. The world champion team-mate Nico Rosberg already cooked his routine at the start. When trying to defend himself, the German lost even more places.

Fireworks on the first meters

What they When it came to the question of the winner, there was little tension. However, the race did not offer bad entertainment. At the start there was a crash in every corner. 3 pilots had to go into the pits for repairs with bent wings and flat tires.

Afterwards, many exciting duels in midfield ensured that it never got boring. And even after the race it crackled. Sebastian Vettel and Nico Rosberg delivered a little verbal skirmish at the FIA ​​press conference. We have the matching pictures in our gallery.


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