Photos GP Italy 2015 (Friday)

Photos GP Italy 2015 (Friday)
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M onza stands for tradition, long straight lines and high Speeds. In free practice for the 2015 Italian GP, ​​the drivers sometimes achieved top speeds of over 350 km /h in their racers.

Hot dances through the Autodromo di Monza

During the high-speed chase through the Autodromo di Monza, Daniel Ricciardo Grün saw it. But not because the Red Bull driver felt bad. No, the team from Milton Keynes painted the entire front of the helmet with green FloViz paint on Friday morning - including the visor. A picture with rarity and a smile effect.

The free practice sessions didn't go off without incidents. Carlos Sainz threw his car into the gravel at Parabolica and had to end the first session early. Because of the small wings, the cars produce less downforce in the eleven corners of Monza, which leads to a bitchy road holding. The audience saw a few hot dances on the asphalt.

In our picture gallery we show you the best photos from Monza Friday.


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