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Photos GP Belgium (race): Alonso plays the wrecking ball

F1 photos GP Belgium 2018 (Sunday)
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A on the Ardennes roller coaster in Spa -Francorchamps action is guaranteed. At the 2018 edition of the Belgian Grand Prix, the fans caught their breath after just a few seconds. Fernando Alonso suddenly sailed through the air on the approach to the first corner and knocked over some of his competitors.

Only the slow motion revealed what had really happened: Nico Hulkenberg stood on the gas a little too long, missed it Brake point and slipped into the rear of the McLaren with locked wheels. Alonso was not to blame for choosing Charles Leclerc's Sauber as his launch pad. When the Spaniard started to land, Daniel Ricciardo's Red Bull was also in the line of fire.

Chaos in the first lap

Verstappen in the Orange Fog . In the end, the Dutch had reason to celebrate.

When the fog of splintering carbon particles and steaming spraying cooling water settled, three racing cars were ready for scrap the run-out zone. Ricciardo's Red Bull and Räikkönen's Ferrari dragged their way back to the pits with a wounded shot, but later had to give up. Bottas didn't get to the first corner unscathed either, but was later able to start a race to catch up.

Sebastian Vettel was not confused by all the action in his rearview mirror. The Heppenheimer grabbed Lewis Hamilton shortly after the first passage through Eau Rouge. When braking at the end of the long straight it got tight for a short time when Force India suddenly threatened to intervene in the fight between the two title contenders. But in this case everything went well.

Once in the lead, Ferrari controlled the action. To the delight of the many fans of Max Verstappen, it was upThe Dutch flag was also present on the podium at the end. Only Hamilton did not want to get into a celebratory mood. In the gallery we show you again the pictures of the spectacular end of the summer break in Spa-Francorchamps.


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