Photos GP Azerbaijan 2018 (qualifying)

Photos GP Azerbaijan 2018 (qualifying)
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W e had expected a red flag in qualifying , After all, the road circuit in Baku is a delicate matter - especially at the limit when it comes to every thousandth of a second like in timed practice. The pilots had kissed the wall several times during training. Most recently Sergey Sirotkin in the final training. The qualifying scene turned out to be a near-accident: Pierre Gasly just scraped past teammate Brendon Hartley and took the emergency exit with smoking tires.

Flying sparks and tire smoke

Speaking of smoking Tires: They were one of our photographers' favorite subjects. There was enough choice. First, the 6.003-kilometer circuit is known for putting particularly hard strain on the brakes after the long straights, and second, the strong wind on Saturday afternoon did not make life any easier for the drivers. Also very popular. The spectacular flying sparks of the Formula 1 cars and unusual motifs through the walls and narrow corners of the course in the old town.

There was one person who got along very well despite all the adverse circumstances - Sebastian Vettel. The Ferrari driver made Mercedes look old once again and secured first place on the grid for the Azerbaijan GP. It goes without saying that the obligatory Vettel index finger was raised. Get an impression of the spectacular drive through Baku's alleys - always only a few millimeters away from the walls.


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