Photos GP Australia 2016 (Thursday)

Photos GP Australia 2016 (Thursday)
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D he Thursday in Melbourne is for technology fans always a very special day. The game of hide-and-seek that lasted all winter is finally over. On the first official event day of the Grand Prix weekend, the partition walls in front of the garages had to be torn down as required by the regulations. This enabled observers to take a closer look at the naked technology for the first time.

First photos of the naked technology

A closer look was particularly worthwhile at Mercedes and Ferrari. The layout of the cooling elements was completely changed over the winter. To get a good look at the innards, however, you had to be a bit lucky - and patient. The garages in Melbourne are among the smallest in the entire Formula 1 year. Some material or mechanic is constantly in front of the lens.

At the latest on the first trip for technical acceptance, the teams could no longer hide their cars from the curious lenses. The Mercedes screwdrivers were once again of the particularly fast type. At 2.45 p.m. local time, both Silver Arrows presented themselves fully assembled and ready for the mandatory FIA checks.

Pilots in focus

Meanwhile, the pilots were carefully examined in the paddock. The official driver portraits were on the program on Thursday. The photographers waited patiently while one star after another stepped in front of the lens. The fans also got their money's worth. During the first autograph sessions of the year, the drivers wrote their fingers sore.

In our gallery we have put together colorful impressions from Albert Park and interesting technical insights.


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