Photos GP Abu Dhabi (Thursday)

Photos GP Abu Dhabi (Thursday)
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U nter the desert sun, Abu Dhabi was already going hot on Thursday. Lewis Hamilton and Nico Rosberg first met at the official FIA press conference. The photographers were not offered a handshake, as suggested by the head of the media group. It had already been rejected by Mercedes.

First round in the World Cup duel

Instead, there were some verbal poison arrows and taunts. Hamilton made it clear once again that he had significantly more technical bad luck this season. When asked which race was his best of the year, Rosberg gave Singapore as the answer. It was the race where he had his teammates under control. And where he couldn't talk himself out of technical problems.

There was also a lot to see in the pits. For the mechanics it is also the last race of the year. You could tell that everyone was looking forward to the winter holidays. After 20 Grands Prix, they can now assemble the cars in their sleep. Williams posed for a large team photo in front of the garage to celebrate the last race of the year.

In our gallery we show you the last impressions of the World Cup duel and the first photos of the cars in Abu Dhabi.


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