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Photos F1 test Jerez 2015: First pictures from the test track

Photos F1 test Jerez 2015
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D he Formula 1 has arrived in Jerez. One truck after the other turned into the paddock of the Andalusian test track on Friday (January 30th, 2015) to deliver material. Almost all of the teams' pavilions were already set up. The establishment of the garages was also well advanced in many places.

Toro Rosso unloads new STR10

During the During the test week, it is known that it is difficult to look into the boxes. For fear of spies, the cars are hidden behind high partitions as soon as they return from the route. We found something particularly interesting at Toro Rosso. During our little photo safari the new STR10 was rolled out of a low loader of the unusual kind. It will be ceremoniously unveiled on Saturday.

Red Bull drove a large race truck to the garage. A Formula 1 car could be seen hidden under a cloth on closer inspection. Judging by the contours of the nose, it is probably still the previous year's model. Are the engineers afraid that the new one will not be ready in time?

McLaren is keeping a low profile in Jerez

There were also interesting things to see at McLaren - namely not much. First of all, we walked past the Honda team's garages in the paddock without noticing. McLaren was the only team that had not parked any racing trucks behind the pits. And on the engineer's motorhome, there was no team lettering or sponsor logos.

In our picture gallery we show you everything else we discovered and which cool trucks the teams come to the track with.


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