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Photos F1 test Barcelona 2018 (day 5): Photos from the second week of testing

Stefan Baldauf
Photos F1-Test Barcelona 2018 (day 5)
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M at the beginning of the second During the test week, the preparation of the ten Formula 1 teams in Barcelona entered the hot phase on Tuesday (March 6, 2018). When the weather was finally good in Catalonia, the test plans in all garages were full. The reduced program in the first week of testing, which was influenced by snow and cold, caused extra stress for engineers and pilots.

If the first test days were mainly about checking the reliability of the new cars, the technicians begin now slowly with making the racers faster. Traditionally, in the second week of testing, the cars are equipped with upgrade parts that were not yet ready in the first week of testing. And the closer the end of the test drives gets, the more secret technology tricks are unpacked that you didn't want to show the competition too early.

Vettel and Hamilton start the second test week

Stefan Baldauf
Sauber brought a new front wing to the second week of testing in Barcelona.

The driver staff at the start of the second week of testing was also impressive. At Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas and Lewis Hamilton shared the day's program again. Ferrari held against it with Sebastian Vettel. At Red Bull, Max Verstappen grabbed the steering wheel. With Nico H├╝lkenberg, who shared the Renault with Carlos Sainz, the second German driver was also in action.

McLaren caused the first excitement of the day in the morning. Stoffel Vandoorne rolled out first in the pit lane. Then the papaya car stopped on the home straight. It was also worth taking a closer look at Sauber. The Swiss car got a new front wing for the second week of testingdonated. The aerodynamic effect of the new component was checked directly with FloViz paint and measuring grids.

In our gallery, as always, we provide you with up-to-date images from the track and from the pit lane throughout the day. As usual, we focus strongly on the subject of technology during the test drives. We'll show you how the teams develop their new cars in detail.


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