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Photos F1-Test Barcelona 2018 (day 3): Formula 1 in the snow

Photos F1-Test Barcelona 2018 (day 3)
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E rst it was only in Barcelona cold, then there was also precipitation on Wednesday night. In combination this resulted in a nice layer of snow that covered the entire paddock. A regular test operation was out of the question. All teams barricaded themselves in their garages and waited for the weather to improve.

However, the photographers had the opportunity to take unique pictures even without cars on the track. When do you see the glamorous Formula 1 under a blanket of snow that is centimeter thick? All the material in the pit lane was powdered. Cross-country skiing could have been practiced in the run-off zones next to the piste.

Snowman in the Mercedes garage

The slicks from Pirelli were unusable under these conditions.

The whole situation could only be endured with gallows humor. At Mercedes they built a snowman that moved from the hospitality to the garage. Pirelli brought their studded tires into play. The slick compounds exhibited in front of the rubber equipment supplier's motorhome also disappeared under a thick layer of snow.

The marshals passed the time with selfies on the home straight. Security vehicles were always sent out to test the conditions. Because the rescue helicopter was not used, the traffic light at the end of the pit lane remained permanently red and the garage gates were closed.

In the gallery we show the most beautiful impressions from the snow chaos of Barcelona, ​​with it You can also get an idea of ​​the situation.


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