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Photos Chinese GP 2018 (race): Smoke signals at Ferrari

F1 photos GP China 2018 (Sunday)
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T he expectations before the Shanghai race were high. After the cold and rain on the training days, the sun hit the asphalt just in time for the start. Nobody knew what effects the unknown conditions would have on the balance of power. But then things only got going slowly.

Safety car brings excitement into the game

The trigger of the drama: Gasly collides with Hartley.

Overtaking maneuvers on the track were in short supply in the first half of the race. There was only a change in leadership because Mercedes brought Valtteri Bottas past Sebastian Vettel with a clever undercut. After the top three teams had stopped by the pits to change tires, the order seemed frozen.

But then the Chinese Grand Prix came to life. The trigger was the crash of the two Toro Rosso drivers. The collision of the junior team helped Red Bull of all people. Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo reacted with lightning speed in the safety car phase and put on fresh soft tires. After the restart the hunt was on.

Ricciardo plows through the top field

Max Verstappen, however, did not make a happy figure when overtaking. First he let Lewis Hamilton push him off the track. Then he collided with Sebastian Vettel in the hairpin. The sister car fought its way through the top field much more efficiently. With one great overtaking maneuver after the other, Ricciardo finally pushed himself into the leading position.

As you know it with the Australian, a big party was celebrated after the victory. Of course, the obligatory sip of champagne from the worn racing shoe was a must. In the gallerylet's show the best pictures of an exciting race again - and the Red Bull celebration afterwards.


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