Photos Brazilian GP 2015: Lotus in trouble

Photos GP Brazil 2015 (Wednesday)
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T he Brazilian Grand Prix is ​​getting off to a turbulent start. At least for Lotus. The routine program is actually announced on Wednesday. Pack the equipment from the numerous boxes, clear the garage, set up the forecourt and screw the cars together and check.

No access to the Lotus-Box

But at Lotus there is a yawning emptiness. The box is guarded from the front as well as from the back by Brazilian security guards. At the back entrance, a grille blocks access, and the boxes are still intact in the pit lane. Only the cars are covered in the garage, with a few screens in front of them.

Obviously, one is once again in arrears with payments. This tremendous game has already happened more than once this year - for example in Japan, Belgium and Hungary. Renault, which has signed a preliminary contract for the purchase of the team, has still not given any further notification.

The standard procedure is used for the other teams. However, under new conditions. Extensive renovation work was carried out in the Autodromo José Carlos Pace. Instead of small, narrow containers, the Formula 1 teams can now set up themselves in elegant glass pavilions. The pit area was also modernized. In the newer part there is an imposing tent roof on the first floor. The modernization work should not be fully completed until next year.

Hamilton delayed

While Max Verstappen completed his trackwalk with the Toro Rosso engineers on Wednesday (11/11), will Lewis Hamilton only got to see the new splendor of the old system on Thursday. Because he is struggling with a fever and had a car accident in Monaco, the world champion will arrive in Sao Paulo a day late.

In our picture gallery we show you the first pictures from Wednesday from Interlagos.


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