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Photos Brazilian GP 2013 (Friday): Water games in Sao Paulo

Photos GP Brazil 2013 (Friday)
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D he Formula 1 season is coming to an end . At the last Grand Prix, of all places, the drivers could have to deal with rain again during the race. So far, the rain tires have never been used on race Sunday this year. If it goes according to the latest weather reports, that could change soon.

Showery weather on Friday in Sao Paulo

The pilots got a first taste of the typically changeable conditions in Sao Paulo on Friday. After heavy rain during the night and constant drizzle in the morning, small showers repeatedly passed through the route in the morning. In between it would dry briefly at an air temperature of 20 ° C.

An orderly test program was out of the question. You could see lines of worry on the faces of the engineers. Another professional group in the paddock was happy about it. For the photographers, slippery conditions always result in particularly spectacular images.

We have collected the harvest from Friday in our photo gallery.


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