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Photos Barcelona Test 2018: The pictures from the first day of the test

Photos Barcelona Test 2018
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E The formula is finally starting again -1 action. On Monday (February 26th, 2018) the Grand Prix-Circus gave its first performance of the year at the Circuit de Barcelona-Catalunya. When galloping into the test winter, fans and photographers were able to take a closer look at the new generation of racing cars in 2018 for the first time.

In the days before, the teams had mainly published computer graphics or retouched studio photos, but that was finally over Hide and seek. On the slopes and in the pit lane, the paparazzi got a clear field of fire on the new technology. As always, we didn't have to ask twice and show you the best tricks of the 2018 racers.

Alonso provides the first interruption

Alonso in the gravel. The Spanish fans don't like to see this picture.

The driver staff on the first day was also impressive. With Fernando Alonso, Kimi Räikkönen and Lewis Hamiltom, three world champions were already on the track at the start. The local fans saw it with discomfort when their idol was stuck in the gravel bed after only an hour and caused the first red flag. One of the wheels on the McLaren had come loose.

The weather was also not fun for the fans. The thermometer showed just 5 ° C at the start of the day. Only limited usable data can be collected there. Then there is the new asphalt on the track, which falsifies the values. At least it stayed dry.

In the gallery we show you the pictures of the first day of testing in Barcelona. As usual, we will regularly post the latest material.


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