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Photos Barcelona F1 test 2018 (day 2): Vettel in action for the first time

Photos Barcelona F1 test 2018 (day 2)
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N ormally, the gaze of journalists goes in the press center regularly on the time monitor. This year, it is the external data screen that attracts the most glances. At the start of the second session on Tuesday (February 27th, 2018) the digital thermometer showed exactly -0.1 ° C.

For the teams, the cold snap means that hardly any usable data can be collected. The tires do not come up to temperature. This increases wear and tear and reduces grip. The cars cannot reach their potential. Unwinding more than kilometers and checking reliability is not an option.

Shift change for the second Barcelona test

There were measuring grids on many cars in the morning.

Because it stayed dry, some teams were able to take the time for aerodynamic runs in the morning. For this purpose, larger aluminum frames with sensors were screwed to the chassis, which record details of the air flow during the journey. The neon green FloViz color, which draws flow patterns on the surface, was also used again.

In terms of personnel, many teams changed shifts for the second session. At Ferrari, after Kimi Räikkönen, Sebastian Vettel was allowed to chase the SF71H down the slopes for the first time. At Red Bull, Max Verstappen took over the wheel of the RB14. Mercedes changes as usual at noon. After the little gravel ride the day before, Lewis Hamilton is hoping for a few more kilometers. Robert Kubica was assigned to Williams for the first time in the afternoon.

As usual, we have collected the best pictures of the day in the gallery - as always with lots of interesting technical details. We'll be the photo show during theUpdate the session regularly with the latest material.


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