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Photos Azerbaijan GP 2022: Qualification Pictures

Azerbaijan GP 2022

Qualifying for the Azerbaijan GP saw two Aston Martins going astray. Charles Leclerc set the other headlines with the best time. Mercedes continues to chase the form that the wind tunnel promises. We've packed the highlights of the Baku qualifiers into one big gallery.

Baku is always good for spectacular shots. The drivers brake their cars from high speeds on the street circuit and circle them along the walls. One or two grazing shots have to be taken into account, what the spectators in the stands and the fans on the TV screens experienced in the qualification.

As the clock searched for the fastest pilot on this qualifying Saturday and the sun slowly thinned, the photographers took spectacular pictures in beautiful light. Charles Leclerc did the best job – as so often in qualifying this season. For the fourth time in a row, the Ferrari driver beat the competition. For the sixth time he starts a Grand Prix 2022 from the best grid position.

Qualifying highlights in the gallery

Red Bull couldn't quite keep up with the speed presented, but at least sorted themselves in directly behind Leclerc. Mercedes defended their lead in midfield. However, this is far from meeting our own requirements. A deficit of more than 1.3 seconds hurts. The team is still unable to implement the promising potential from the wind tunnel, which makes the W13 a winning car on paper, on the race track.

Everyone got through the bottleneck of turn eight without hitting anything. The track here is just 7.6 meters wide. The Aston Martin got it in three other places. Lance Stroll sailed out twice: in turns two and seven. Sebastian Vettel misbraked in turn 15.

Post-qualification investigations came to nothing. The race director had sent Lewis Hamilton and Lando Norris to the dock. The stewards had to investigate whether they were driving unnecessarily slowly and thereby posing a danger to the others. Both got away with it. The two Haas pilots had done nothing wrong either. In the pit lane, they couldn't help but thread their way into the throng that had accumulated behind the red light. Both Kevin Magnussen and Mick Schumacher settled in safely.


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