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Penalty catalog for the 2014 Formula 1 season: 111 penalties in 19 races

Penalty catalog for the 2014 Formula 1 season
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D the FIA ​​police struck again . 111 penalties were imposed over the 19 Grand Prix of the season. The GP China was exemplary with just one fine. Romain Grosjean paid 700 euros into the FIA ​​box office because he exceeded the speed limit by 6.6 km /h in the pit lane. The Monaco GP came in last with 12 penalties. The FIA ​​collected a total of 50,700 euros. A bad vintage. In 2013, teams and drivers still had to pay 297,600 euros to the fine.

The lower income is also due to the fact that offenses on the racetrack are no longer punishable by fines. The only exception: driving a car in an unsafe condition. Otherwise, the 33 speed limits had to serve to top up the FIA ​​account.

Formula 1 points catalog was a paper tiger

Compared to previous years, the rulers still struck less. There were two reasons. On the one hand the catalog of points. On the other hand, the authorities announced to the stewards at the Austrian GP that they would no longer punish every little thing in the future. The list of sinners turned out to be a paper tiger. Only 9 of the 22 drivers were suspicious. The front runners were Pastor Maldonado and Marcus Ericsson with 5 points each. So far from the 12 points that would have meant a race. In total, only 28 points were distributed.

After the Austrian GP, ​​no more collisions or tough duels on the track should be investigated by order from above. Previously, the penalty was 6.28 times per race, then the rate was 5.58. Another number underscores more clearly that judgments were judged more carefully. In the 19 races, drivers only received a penalty for unfair driving 22 times. Either in the form of a transfer to the starting grid or a loss of time in the pit lane. In six cases there was a warning.

In 23 cases the technology was to blame

The 111 offenses were divided into 32 fines, 33 time penalties, 39 starting place corrections, six warnings and four disqualifications. Because there is a double penalty for 'unsafe release' when changing tires, the sum is higher than the number of all registered incidents. In 23 cases, technology was the scapegoat. A gearbox was exchanged 17 times before the end of the running time, and the participants competed with one six timesnew specification from the pit lane, and in six cases the engine quota was exceeded.

In the next year, many of the starting place penalty transfers are to be converted into time penalties. Because it confuses the audience less. And because it's annoying that the starting grid becomes a doctoral thesis when several penalties are pending at the same time.


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