Penalties for McLaren: Honda with fifth engine

Penalties for McLaren
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Both drivers will be moved 10 places back

M sometimes everything bad comes at once. Fernando Alonso had already hinted at it at the Thursday press conference: 'Austria will be another tough weekend for us. We will probably take some penalties. We have to regard this Grand Prix as a test drive.' In the meantime, Honda has confirmed to us: Button and Alonso are getting new engines at the Red Bull-Ring.

It is already the fifth unit of the internal combustion engine. This means that both drivers have to move back 10 starting positions. And since they barely make it into the top ten of the training session, there is a risk of losing time at the first pit stop. If they make it to Q2, it would be five penalty seconds.

More tokens at the end of July

The cause of the failure in Montreal was justified with exhaust problems, but that was simply the result of a problem in the engine that sooner or later would have resulted in damage. According to Honda, the creeping defect also has nothing to do with the new turbochargers that debuted in Canada. Rather an old problem that has only just come to light.

Honda made appropriate changes to the engine to prevent the problem. Since they only serve to ensure reliability, no development tokens were attacked. Despite the stability concerns, Honda is already planning the next use of tokens. Again in the area of ​​the turbocharger. The Japanese apparently see the greatest leeway there to find more power.

McLaren starts with a long nose

When the McLaren MP4-30s left the garage on Friday morning, both were fitted with the old nose that protruded far beyond the front wing. The new short version passed the crash test. It should look very similar to that of Red Bull and ToroRosso. Maybe she'll stay in the van all weekend. There should be disagreements about the procedure of the crash test.


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