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Paul di Resta: & # 34; Race speed better than expected & # 34;

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Paul di Resta Q&A
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How great is the joy after the best F1 result of your career?

D i Resta: That was really a great result for the whole team. We really just wanted to get both cars into the points. But the pace was better than expected. The tech upgrades worked really well. We are much stronger, especially in terms of the race distance. After I didn't drive with a lot of fuel on Friday, it wasn't easy in the race.

Did the safety car help or did it cause harm?

Di Resta: The safety car certainly didn't help us. We might have finished in the same places, but I think we would have been even stronger without the safety car. The soft tires would have lasted a few more laps with me.

How risky was the poker with the hard tires at the start?

Di Resta: I wouldn't say we took a huge risk. As a team, we decided to split both cars strategically in order to protect ourselves. In the first six laps the hard tire was definitely not ideal. But then it became an advantage. This allowed me to drive freely. In the middle of the race Adrian and I were close together. But then I was a good deal faster with the softer tire. In the last stint I was significantly faster than Rosberg. We were able to control the pace and take care of the tires and fuel consumption.

Weren't you surprised that you could keep up with your teammate so well in the first stint?

Di Resta: That was already a journey into the unknown. In the first three or four laps I was a little more careful and didn't want to do anything stupid. The performance of both of us was very even all weekend.

And how was the wear on the softer tires?

Di Resta: It wasn't even noticeable when the safety car came out and I switched back to the harder one. Before that I was getting faster and faster. Without a safety car, we'd have it in the endcan certainly make it a bit easier. Rosberg was able to put some pressure on after the restart. His tires then deteriorated more quickly and I was able to gain a lead again.

Were you excited about going that far ahead during the race?

Di Resta: I was in fifth place in between. But it didn't make sense to fight Lewis (Hamilton) for a long time. He was a lot faster. But to leave here with eight points - twelve for the team - that is a lot for us.

How did you get through your first Singapore GP physically?

Di Resta: That was really tough. I still had a little something in the tank. But you certainly lose something in the course of the race.

And how was it with the concentration?

Di Resta: Fortunately, there were no mistakes. This is very important on such a street circuit. That can cost a lot. You have to stay focused. Fortunately, I succeeded.

How much of the sixth place goes to the team and how much to the driver?

Di Resta: The team really did a great job. I sure did a pretty decent job too. But you win and lose as a team. Everything worked, the pit stops were great. Mistakes can easily happen in the heat. It's not just the toughest race of the year for the drivers. The boys sit in the garage with overalls and helmets. Everyone has earned their beer and should relax a little before Japan. The most important thing is that we took a few points from Sauber.

How about the job for next year after the introduction?

Di Resta: I don't know. That's not my decision. I feel good in the team and am happy that I got the chance to become a Formula 1 driver this year. I am ambitious to develop myself further. I hope that I will meet the requirements that the team places on me.


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