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Pascal Wehrlein: & # 34; Manor progress has surprised many & # 34;

Pascal Wehrlein satisfied
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It looked like there were points in Bahrain. Are you satisfied?

W ehrlein: Yes, we weren't far path. That was positive. The race was really exciting. Especially in the end I had a lot of fun.

Did you get the feeling during the race that it might work?

Wehrlein: Sure. In the meantime I was already in the top ten. And it didn't look bad. But we had to change our strategy from 2 to 3 stops in between, because we struggled with excessive tire degradation. We have to solve the problem for the next races.

Is this a general car problem or can it be fixed with setup changes?

Wehrlein: With a good setup we can help the tires a lot. We can still improve, especially in fast corners. But it is not something that can be solved overnight.

What are the general strengths and weaknesses of the car?

Wehrlein: I had the feeling that we were making up time when braking and entering the bend. However, there is still a lack of traction and grip on the rear axle at corner exit. And that also affects the tires.

The layout in China puts more strain on the front tires. Is the Manor coming towards you?

Wehrlein: Yes, that should suit us better.

How much room for improvement is there in the car?

Wehrlein: The Bahrain weekend was already 100 percent better than Melbourne. But it was only the second race. Of course we can still learn a lot about the car. I think there are still big steps to be taken. We are far from our limit.

Are you personally already at your limit?

Wehrlein: In Bahrain I was already close. I got everything that was possible. But of course I can still learn. Especially the handling of the tires. I've never had it in my past that I'm overa long distance so you have to watch out for the tires. In the DTM, I was able to give 100 percent every lap.

Have you settled in well in Formula 1 yourself?

Wehrlein: I felt much more comfortable here in the car than I did in Melbourne. Of course, I always learn. In the beginning everything was new. Later on, the steps are not that big.

Your second Formula 1 start was not as good as the first.

Wehrlein: Not that good. But I also had to start from the inside, which is a disadvantage. Especially here in the desert there is more dust. And you can't always get off to a sensational start.

How did you get through the turmoil of the first corner?

Wehrlein: There was really something going on. But the whole first round went haywire. I just tried to take care of my car and not take off my front wing.

You were now in 7th place and were seen more often on TV than the Manor pilots in recent years.

Wehrlein: That shows that we are attracting attention. I think the move forward this weekend surprised many. We surprised ourselves in qualifying. I hope that we can take another step for the next weekend and still reach the points sometime this year.

How satisfied is it when you are in Formula 1 in 13th place compared to a DTM victory?

Wehrlein: I got as many congratulations as I did in the DTM I made it onto the podium.

What was your highlight in the race?

Wehrlein: The whole last run with the Supersofts was extremely exciting. The car was light, the tire had a lot of grip. I was able to catch up quickly with the others. That was really fun. Unfortunately, I ran out of rear tires in the duel with Sauber. I was able to launch a small attack, but there I was on the outside and had no chance.

What are the goals for China?

Wehrlein: Points would of course be nice. I was close in Bahrain. Not much was missing.


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