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Pascal Wehrlein: & # 34; It doesn't look too bad & # 34;

Stefan Baldauf
Pascal Wehrlein is having fun
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W enn as a champion of a racing series you join a backbench team in the Formula 1 changes, then the frustration can quickly grow. Not so with Pascal Wehrlein. The Mercedes junior is fully in his new role. He wants to help make the small Manor team socially acceptable this year. Even minor start-up problems won't throw him off track.

Manor is making noticeable progress

' It's just great to be back in Formula 1, 'said the Worndorf-born after his second test session in Barcelona. 'Unfortunately we couldn't drive that much yesterday in the morning. But in the afternoon it was much better. Today we took another big step forward.'

Thanks to meticulous setup work, the Manor is doing MRT05 progresses with every test kilometer. 'The balance wasn't particularly good at the beginning yesterday. But that's normal when everything is new. I felt much more comfortable in the car this morning.' You could see the rookie having fun on the track. 'When you get used to the car, you let it fly a little more.'

The young talent was far from tired after 104 laps in 2 days: 'I could do another night shift right away 'joked Wehrlein. The goals are ambitious. Manor wants to connect to midfield. Secretly one hopes for championship points. There is still room for improvement. Sebastian Vettel's best time was 3 seconds short.

'Of course we can improve even further. After 2 days we haven't exhausted our full potential by a long way. There is more to it. We have to keep working hard. Then Australia shouldn't be so bad', Wehrlein is confident. At least the technology fits. There were no defects on Tuesday. When it comes to reliability, the rookie doesn't worry.

Wehrlein one of the reasons for the Manor upswing

Compared to the GP Spain 2015, the car is now 5 seconds faster. There are several reasons for the upswing: 'Last year Manor had an old car with an old chassis. The car hasn't been developed much. Now we have a new car. The engine is definitely better than the 2014 Ferrari that was in it before. It there are a lot of new people on the team and I hope that myself will also be a reason for it aftergoes ahead, 'said Wehrlein self-confidently.

But he didn't want to give a prognosis of where Manor will rank in the balance of power:' It's difficult to say where we stand. Tires and fuel quantities are different. You can never tell exactly before Australia. But it doesn't look too bad. '


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