Old nose at Lotus: crash test failed

Old nose at Lotus
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D this is not only happening to Red Bull. The crash tests with the new ones Nose is tricky. Lotus already has the shortest possible version. The front overhang is only 85 centimeters. Still, the engineers wanted a different nose. One modeled on the Williams FW37. Much wider, with a tuber on top. And this nose rattled through the crash test.

The wide nose does not bring more downforce, but it allows a completely new front wing that is less sensitive to turned front wheels and a tilt of the vehicle about the longitudinal axis. The nose and front wing are not likely to debut until Montreal now. 'Monte Carlo is not the ideal place for a premiere like this,' says Operations Manager Alan Permane.

What's new on the front axle?

Although the nose stayed at home, Lotus has interesting modifications on board. For example a new rear wing and new trim parts around the rear wheels. The rear brake ventilation has also been modified. The front wing has new end plates.

A competitor engineer advised us that Lotus will also try an interesting new feature on the front axle. Details are still secret. But it should be a mechanical device. We're working on it.


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