Official Formula 1 app 2012

Daniel Reinhard
Official Formula 1 app 2012
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W he does not refer to the TV picture and the comment von Heiko Waßer, Jacques Schultz, Christian Danner and Marc Surer can stock up on additional information on their iPhone or iPad while watching TV. For 24 euros a year, every fan can see as much as a Ross Brawn or Adrian Newey at the command post.

The app, which was revised again before this season, shows a route map in real time with all cars in their current state Position, regardless of whether you are driving on the track or are at the pits. If you share the iPad screen, you can watch all lap and sector times at the same time, as well as the type of tire you are currently using. In addition, all messages from the race management to the teams are displayed as well as all weather information, flag signals and DRS zones.

Exclusive live information from the track

It is the ideal complement to the TV broadcast that cannot necessarily address all drivers and therefore sometimes misses important racing developments such as catching up or a series of slow lap times due to high tire wear.

That is not enough. If you just want to get information about a certain driver, simply tap him on the lap table and the screen zooms in on the section of the route in which the corresponding driver and his surroundings are currently moving.

In addition, his lap times and his position are automatically set in relation to all others. An additional column then appears in which the plus and minus values ​​for the driver concerned are given in relation to the distance and lap time.

F1 app for iPad, iPhone, Android and Blackberry

The system that Force India sporting director Otmar Szafnauer launched three years ago together with Bernie Ecclestone runs on all iPhones, iPads, iPods, Android platforms and Blackberries. You can buy it in the iTune store or in the Androidmarket.

auto motor und sport also has a Formula 1 app. It doesn’t bring you live data on the race, but it does provide you with a concentrated dose of background information on every race weekend. And it's absolutely free. Click here for the Download .


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