Nürburgring sale: Ecclestone shows interest

Nürburgring sales
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I n the sale of the Nürburgring is moving. Shortly before the Grand Prix weekend, a law was passed in the Rhineland-Palatinate state parliament with a red-green majority that establishes public access to the Nürburgring. That means: Regardless of who will be in charge of the ring in the future, racing and popular tourist trips will not be suspended. Prospective buyers thus have legal security.

Nürburgring sale still 2013

Now everyone is excited to see who will get the bid. The public tendering process started in mid-May. After that, interested parties can buy the entire system or just individual parts - for example the Grand Prix track, the Nordschleife or the Eifel village. The sale should be completed by the end of the year.

Anyone who wants to purchase the oldest German Formula 1 track will have to put a three-digit million sum on the table. According to current forecasts, the ring should close with a profit for 2013. Interested parties seem to be queuing up.

Ecclestone expresses intention to buy

The last one to show interest is Bernie Ecclestone. 'It is quite possible that I will buy it,' said the Formula 1 boss in the 'Welt'. 'At least I think about it. If I do that, it would mean that the German Grand Prix is ​​secured in the future.'

Whether or not Ecclestone only wants to make itself popular with German Formula 1 fans has a genuine interest in investing in the traditional course is unclear. 'The decision could be made in a few months. Nevertheless, the German Grand Prix would take place in Hockenheim next year. There are binding contracts that I will keep. We'll see how things go after that,' said Ecclestone

Are you also interested in ADAC and Red Bull?

Apparently the 82-year-old Englishman is not the only one interested. In the Formula 1 paddock you can hear many names who have apparently submitted an offer. The ADAC would like to take command in the Eifel in the future. The automobile club's war chest, with its 18 million members, is well filled. According to rumors, the ADAC wants to merge with a large German automobile manufacturer.

Another name that is mentioned again and again in the list of possible interested parties is Dietrich Mateschitz. Under the RedBull flag already runs the former Formula 1 track in Spielberg. The traditional Nürburgring would certainly fit well into the portfolio of the beverage giant.


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