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Numbers games from Formula 1 history: crazy records

Numbers games from Formula 1 history
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W if he likes statistics and strange number games, a book is recommended first. The author David Hayhoe has compiled all the records and curiosities of Formula 1 that one could imagine in a 434-page hard-working task under the title 'Formula 1 The Knowledge'. From the important milestones to useless knowledge. As is the case with statistics books, they quickly become out of date. A new edition including the 2018 season will therefore be launched in April. But records are constantly being rewritten. There is then the website www.f1knowledge.com.

David Hayhoe
Book' Formula 1 The Knowledge ': A feast for statistics Friends.

We have put together some of the strangest numbers in GP history for you, but focused on the races and the drivers. Just to show that you can know more than that Michael Schumacher is the record holder in these disciplines with 7 world championship titles, 91 GP victories and 77 fastest laps. Whoever wants to order the book can do so at www.veloce.co.uk do.

The Taylors

At the 1959 British GP, four riders with the same last name competed. Dennis, Henry, Michael, and Trevor Taylor were not related to each other. Only Henry and Michael Taylor qualified for the race.

Birthday winners

Only two drivers won a Grand Prix on their birthday. James Hunt was 29 years old when he won in Holland in 1976. Jean Alesi also celebrated twice in Montreal in 1995. It was his 31st birthday.

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