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No financial problems: Force India denies money worries

No financial problems
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S o You quickly get bad news on your cheek. As soon as Force India cancels the test drives in Jerez, one is already suspected of having money problems. There is even talk of selling the team. In fact, Force India is one of those teams that have to turn every penny twice. It is not for nothing that Vijay Mallya's racing team has teamed up with fellow sufferers Lotus and Sauber to fight for a fairer distribution of money and a reduction in costs.

It is also true that the sixth place in the World Cup last year is behind Timeline lags. The new VJM08 will not be ready until the second test date at the earliest. This is the first week of Barcelona from February 19th to 22nd. And that too will be tight. 'We'll be 90 percent ready by the appointment,' said sports director Otmar Szafnauer.

To ensure that, the test in Jerez has now been canceled entirely. Originally, a test driver was supposed to practice there with the old car. But that would have tied up capacities and cost money. 'We'll save 500,000 pounds if we don't go. Mercedes will do the engine and transmission tests for us. We can't learn a lot there.'

Wind tunnel relocation costs Force India time and money

The other is the move to Toyota's wind tunnel. Force India has been using the system with a 50 percent model since November. But the first test runs were mainly used for calibration work. Work on the new car was only possible at the beginning of January.

In the week that Formula 1 tests in Jerez, Force India will occupy the Toyota channel. For two weeks at a time. 'We want some of the results to flow into the car that is supposed to drive in Barcelona,' says Szafnauer.

The engineers are urging that this date can be kept. Force India has developed a hydromechanical suspension that drivers, engineers and mechanics have to get used to. It should allow setup work in five minutes that would otherwise take 45 minutes.

Salaries are paid on time

The jump to the 60 percent model is only possible in March. The developmentof the skeleton with all sensors and actuators takes in the best case three months. And it's expensive. The construction costs a seven-figure sum. Force India has abandoned the plan to buy the frame of the model from Caterham. 'It would not have met our standards,' reveals head of technology Andy Green.

Szafnauer does not want to know anything about financial difficulties. 'We have 380 people working and they get their salaries on time. Also the next one. We have just presented new sponsors. If things were going badly for us, we would certainly not have gone to Mexico and introduced the team there. I can only say: We're still alive. And everything is going according to plan. ' The budget stays the same. That's around £ 80 million. Or just under 110 million euros according to the current euro exchange rate.


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