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Nico Rosberg's first impressions from the F1 test

Formula 1 test Valencia: Nico Rosberg's first impressions
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N ico Rosberg sat in the Mercedes tent and told about his first impressions of driving in the new Silver Arrow. The press conference was well attended, but an even larger crowd was waiting outside the tent for Michael Schumacher to cover the 20-meter walk from his motorhome to the Mercedes box to get back into a current Formula 1 for the first time after his break. Cockpit to climb.

Rosberg has to get used to the hype surrounding Schumacher

It has not escaped Rosberg that at the moment everything revolves around his team-mate . 'In the morning when the new car was presented, there were 100 cameras aimed at Michael and only one at me,' smiles the blond. 'You have to get used to it, but I understand that.' When he was told that he could turn things around if he drove faster than the Formula 1 grandmaster, Rosberg replied angrily: 'I'm a racing driver. How many cameras are aimed at me shouldn't matter.' How does it go now, the new MercedesGP W01? Even Rosberg was a bit at a loss: 'The first feeling was good. I was able to attack immediately. A comparison is impossible. It is now even less clear who is driving with how much gasoline.' So Felipe Massa's time, which was 0.5 seconds faster in the table at the time, was not a cause for concern. Mercedes sports director Norbert Haug added: 'In the past, the difference in fuel landings during testing was between 20 and 60 kilograms. Now we are between five and 160 kilograms.' For Rosberg it was a new experience after four years of Williams. 'I had to get used to new people, a new car, a new engine. Now I have to say: It's not much different from before. I settled in very quickly.'

Rosberg had Difficulty getting used to in Valencia

The first day is always just a functional test. Nico Rosberg's trip was not without problems either. 'The seating position was wrong. You can try this out in the factory as often as you like, but it can't be compared to driving. When you are stationary you don't have the reference points like on the track. I was sitting a little deep in the car and sometimes couldn't see where the route is going. '

Rosberg showedis surprised that the longer wheelbase and the narrower front tires do not yet have as much impact on the handling as expected. 'You feel a little less grip in the front, the braking performance is not that good, but the car is not noticeably slower than usual in the slow corners.' Then he puts it into perspective: 'Maybe my impression will change at the next test in Jerez. I haven't been to Valencia for a long time. I don't have the comparative values.'

As Michael Schumacher at 3:30 pm local time for the first time the route went, and Rosberg looked very carefully. 'It's great for me to have Michael as a teammate. You can always learn something from someone like him. And for me that's an extra touch of motivation.'


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