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Nico Rosberg tricked himself: & # 34; Thought too much about the race & # 34;

Hamilton in Bahrain on pole
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L ewis Hamilton collects best training times on the assembly line. 42nd of his career in Bahrain. The fourth this season. But the first in Bahrain. The world champion was again in a class of its own. Sebastian Vettel was 0.411 seconds behind, Nico Rosberg a demoralizing 0.558 seconds. After the extremely close training result from China, the German had hoped to be able to turn the tables in Bahrain.

It was again one of those cases in which Rosberg too much and Lewis Hamilton maybe a little too little about that Exercise program has been thinking about. Greetings from the Ferrari threat. With the advantage in tire treatment, you can't give anything away in this area. It had to be clear to Mercedes that it was better to save a fresh set of the soft tires for the race. No matter what Ferrari does. This means that the first attempt in Q3 had to be made with used tires.

Rosberg never got into the rhythm

Those who make it into the top ten finals of the qualification have to ride the Start the tire set with which he sets his Q2 time. There are two things to consider here: the harder you drive, the more you may pay in the first stint with a shorter duration. The more careful you are, the less the driving rhythm at the limit becomes flesh and blood. And you might sacrifice a better lap time in Q3 for it.

Rosberg drove carefully. Hamilton shot out a lap time that was 1.2 seconds faster. The Englishman knew his reference points for the decisive lap in Q3. Rosberg hoped to learn enough on the used sentence. But that wasn't the case.

'I was surprised how little grip this set of tires offered. So I never got into my rhythm.' Instinct driver Hamilton didn't worry too much about the possible consequences for the first stint of the race. 'I decided that a better feeling for the fast lap is more important than the disadvantage I have at the beginning of the race.'

Head of Technology Paddy Lowe quantifies the advantage that Rosberg has with the a slower lap on the Q2 tire, to half a lap in its lifetime. Or a minimal loss of time per lap. Nico Hülkenberg waves this off: 'How often have I racked my brain about it. And then you put the first few laps in traffic and the whole advantage of better tires is gone.'

FerrarisSpeed ​​underestimated

Nevertheless, Rosberg was annoyed at the end. Because Sebastian Vettel had also slipped through him. 'I've thought too much about the race.' Rosberg assumed that he would be sent into Q3 with two fresh sets of tires. 'But when Lewis decided on a used set in order to save himself a fresh set for the race, I had to do the same. Otherwise my disadvantage in the race would have been too great.'

Where was the mistake? ? 'That I underestimated Ferrari, that the used set was worse than expected, and that I didn't think too much about all the possible options beforehand. In the end, I would have better burned up two new sets of tires in Q3 and stood in front of Vettel. ' So it is little consolation that Hamilton is now beginning to doubt too. 'Lewis is now annoyed that he pushed the tire too hard to start.'


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