Nico Rosberg: Small problem, small worries

Nico Rosberg
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A n Wednesday was actually the first complete test day for Nico Rosberg with the new one Mercedes W03 on the program. In the end, however, it was only half a session for the 26-year-old. After the hydraulic failure on Tuesday, the mechanics had to put their hands on the Silver Arrow for half the afternoon.

Rosberg improves seating position

'The day started well, but then unfortunately there was an oil leak in the gearbox, 'shrugged Rosberg. The pilot finished work shortly after 2 p.m. However, the driver did not remain inactive without a vehicle. 'We have modified the seating position a bit. But that's not that easy because the seat is made of a solid carbon shape. Normally you don't have time for something like this on a test day.'

After a long time with the old one Shell, there was a new seat before the season. The cockpit was actually supposed to be perfectly adapted in the factory. 'You sit in the car in the factory and think 'awesome'. And then you drive on the track at 300 through the bend and over bumps - that's something else again,' explained Rosberg.

Mercedes team better positioned?

The Silver Arrows driver is not discouraged by the problems with reliability. 'We don't have any major problems. Only minor things that can just happen. But nothing that should concern us in the long term.'

The optimism of last year's seventh is unbroken. 'As a team, we're in a much better position. This year we can concentrate 100 percent on the performance of the car. Last year, 70 percent of the time was spent making the car stable.'

'That The car is better built. Everything is more compact. We have planned it better. The focus is lower. You can just feel that the team is making progress in this area. Everything has been going according to plan so far. For example with the cooling the track confirms exactly what the theory predicted. '

Rosberg has the competition in his sights

On the second day in Barcelona, ​​the main focus was on aerodynamic tests and Long runs on the plan. Rosberg has to get used to his new car. And the new Pirelli rubbers. 'The tires offer a bit more grip. The wear is a bit lower. But you need a slightly different setup.'

Although Rosberg had enough time to observe the competition in the afternoon, he did not want to reveal his findings :'I know exactly what the others are doing. But I don't want to tell you that here. We'll do that another time,' joked the Mercedes driver. 'I think it's similar to last year. The teams that were at the front then will now be strong again. We have to see that we make progress.'


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