Nico Rosberg in the world champion portrait
Nico Rosberg in the world champion portrait
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M an can't exactly say that this title has suggested itself. Nico Rosberg had to wait 11 years and 206 races in Formula 1 for the great success. No other pilot in the premier class had taken such a long way to the F1 Olympus before. But with the hard-fought second place in Abu Dhabi, the journey is finally over. As the third German world champion, the name Rosberg is now forever in line with F1 legends such as Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel.

It was almost not Germany who celebrated its third champion, but Finland. Rosberg completed the first races up to Formula 3 under the flag of his father's homeland. It was only in the course of his career that the Mercedes driver found love for his native country. When he won the GP2 title in 2005, he revealed to the Finnish daily “Helsingin Sanomat” that he did not feel that he belonged to any particular nation. “When I won, the German national anthem was played. That felt a bit strange to me, 'Rosberg is said to have said at the time.

Nico Rosberg gets virus implanted early

After 23 victories in Formula 1, the driver is now likely to look at it Germany song got used to. There are different versions of the decision as to why he officially turned his back on Finland at that time. The reason given from his GP2 time was that the jump into Formula 1 with German sponsors behind him would be easier. On the other hand, there is a recent statement to the Bild newspaper, according to which Rosberg made the decision in honor of his German mother.

While father Keke was still on the Formula 1 and DTM racetracks around the world, he cared Mama Sina mostly single-handedly takes care of the education. But it was again Dad who was responsible for implanting the racing bug. At the age of two, little Nico was already turning the steering wheel of a kart on his daddy's lap. The father had the right track built next to the family house in Ibiza.

Nico Rosberg cannot be blamed for developing a national identity late. The center of life in childhood was Monte Carlo. He graduated from high school (grade: 1.2) at the international school in Nice. So Rosberg has always had to be able to adapt well. With his friends he alternately spoke English, Spanish, Italian and Frenchor German. The pilot is still fluent in all 5 languages. Only Finnish was not on the schedule.

Ecclestone wanted Rosberg as Schumi's successor

After graduation, he should actually study engineering in London. But fate had other plans. After winning the Formula BMW title, the blond boy became a professional racing driver. A career followed at a rapid pace. The youngster completed his first Formula 1 test in the Williams at the age of 17.

After the GP2 title in 2005, even F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone campaigned for the talented junior to sign a contract as a regular driver. Because Michael Schumacher was struggling with the first thoughts of resignation, the F1 boss was looking for a new Grand Prix hero from the inventor country of the automobile. As the multilingual world champion son, he saw the perfect candidate in Rosberg. 10 years later, Ecclestone is no longer as enthusiastic about the new world champion. The introverted family man Rosberg, who is now married and has a daughter, doesn't make enough headlines, according to the accusation of the chief marketer.

But Rosberg doesn't care anymore. The Mercedes driver has made a noticeable change in recent years. He doesn't want to adapt anymore. He no longer wants to be “Everybodys Darling” and please everyone. There are no more compromises on or off the racetrack. Rosberg holds against it, regardless of whether the attacks come from teammate Hamilton or the press. The 31-year-old does his thing. He no longer reacts to criticism. It just takes unnecessary strength.

German journalists who know Rosberg well have been regularly asked by their foreign colleagues in recent years whether their careers, for example with Heinz-Harald Frentzen or Ralf Schumacher, would end without a title . You could never deny the pilot talent and hard work. But the big breakthrough? And then with Lewis Hamilton as a team-mate? Hardly anyone believed in the miracle. Statistically, the Wiesbaden native threatened to go down as the best non-world champion in Formula 1 history.

Rosberg deserves to be world champion

But with the 2016 title win, all doubters should fall silent. After 9 wins in one year, only fanatical Hamilton fans should deny that this title was deserved. The new world champion hardly made a mistake over the entire season. In the final, too, he didn't let his teammate's games bother him. Yes, he also benefited somewhat from his opponent's technical bad luck. But how he withstood the pressure of his constant rival, especially in the final, and collected the necessary points, deserves the greatest respect.

34 years after father Keke's title, Nico Rosberg is no longer just the “world champion son” “But a title winner myself. Incidentally, the time span was just as long for Graham andDamon Hill, the first world champion father and son team in F1 history. So sometimes you just have to wait a little longer for the right time.

In the gallery we once again show the most important stages of Rosberg on the way to the title.


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