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Nico Rosberg finds mistakes: Wind was to blame for Austin blunder

Nico Rosberg finds errors
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N after the race in Austin, Nico Rosberg was close to despair. How could he make such a stupid mistake with 8 laps to go? 'It has never happened to me that I lost the car while accelerating,' the Mercedes driver explained desperately.

Gusts of wind carried Rosberg off the track

Niki Lauda had after that Race a first explanation ready. Rosberg had slipped on a damp spot on the curbs. But that was apparently only part of the truth. 'My engineers told me that a gust of wind hit me from behind. You can see that suddenly there is no downforce on the rear axle,' explained Rosberg.

The wind suddenly blew 20 km /h faster than normal . 'That is very unusual,' emphasized the driver. 'I was fully on the gas and suddenly the rear end goes away. But it's not supposed to be an excuse. The conditions were the same for everyone. I made a big mistake. And that hurts. At least we found an explanation. That got me very helpful. '

Tequila only after the race

In Mexico, the elected Monegasse hopes to directly counterattack . The new route looks like a lot of fun. During the circuit tour on Thursday (October 29th, 2015), however, the pilot noticed the thin mountain air: 'My heartbeat was significantly higher.'

Incidentally, nothing changed as a result of the title decision. 'For me, it's all about winning races. The same goes for Lewis or Vettel. Now that I have nothing more to lose, I can maybe take a little more risk. But in general, everything stays the same.'

A Mexican journalist who recommended a tequila to Rosberg to swallow Austin's frustration provided the final laughing moment in the media group. 'Not before the race, but maybe after', grinned Rosberg.


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