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Nico Rosberg: & # 34; Must try to make him nervous & # 34;

Nico Rosberg with psychological games
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N ico Rosberg presented itself in the first press round on Thursday (20.11.2014) relaxed. Before the trip to Abu Dhabi, the World Cup runner-up had already spent a few days relaxing with Ms. Vivien in Dubai. Now it is time to slowly build up the tension again. The most important race weekend of his career is just around the corner.

'The fact that I can fight for the title here is the highlight of my Formula 1 career so far. It's a really cool feeling. That makes this one The weekend is also intense, of course. For me, the decisive factor is that I win here, 'says Rosberg fiercely.

Rosberg fights with psychological tricks

Although he cannot become world champion on his own, Rosberg does not want to write off the title yet. 'I believe that I can still do it. I'm optimistic. It has happened so often that everything turned out differently in the last race. It is clear that he has everything to lose. I have everything to win . '

Rosberg wants to play the psychological card in order to rush his team-internal opponent into a mistake. 'I can influence his race. You saw that in Brazil. If I hadn't been there, he wouldn't have turned.' However, in Abu Dhabi, Hamilton does not have to win by hair or break. He could comfortably finish 2nd

Still, Rosberg believes in his chance. The German is not only keeping an eye on the race on Sunday but also on the briefings with the engineers, where the two drivers will meet in person. 'I have to try to make him nervous as much as possible. That is my job this weekend. It helps, of course, that we sit together all the time.'

Rosberg sees another possibility in his colleague to put pressure with an alternative setup: 'If there is a weekend where it could be an advantage that I do something differently than him, then this is this weekend. That could give me a chance.' Rosberg also uses a look at the GP Abu Dhabi 2013 in the previous year for psychological strengthening: 'That was one of his weakest races.'

Rosberg has to hope for help

When Rosberg does the Abu Dhabi If Hamilton wins the Grand Prix on Sunday, Hamilton should be third. The World Cup runner-up does not know which competitor can intervene either. He hopesRifle help - for example from compatriot Sebastian Vettel. 'If I can still do something good for Sebastian so that he can deliver a great performance, he just has to come to me.'

Rosberg does not want to hope for a technical failure of his World Cup opponent. He would be cheering if his team mate made a mistake in his driving if he were out of action. 'If he does it himself, then it's okay.'


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