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Nico Rosberg: & # 34; 4th place in no man's land is sobering & # 34;

Nico Rosberg missed a chance
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I n the Mercedes camp, the mood has been in the whole weekend Basement, cellar. But after the race, the corners of the mouth hung lower than expected. Lewis Hamilton had to give up prematurely because of a faulty hose clamp between the airbox and intercooler. He lacked the boost power. Nico Rosberg crossed the finish line, but had nothing to do with awarding the podium.

Mercedes is looking for explanations

'It's not just frustrating because we're so slow, it's also because we don't understand it. That's the worst, 'complained the German afterwards. The problems with the tires, which slowed down the Silver Arrows during training, also occurred during the race. Without the two safety car phases, Rosberg would have ended up even further back.

'We have theories as to what could be the cause. We are making progress. But it will take some time,' the driver asks for patience. Rosberg did not want to rule out the possibility that the phenomenon would recur in Japan. 'But we are rather confident that it will be back to normal. That was really tough this weekend.'

Problems before the start

Even before the race, Rosberg's Sunday started badly. On the way to the starting grid, the runner-up ran out of engine 3 times during starting exercises. 'I had to completely change my starting procedure. I practiced the normal procedure 150 times. Adjusting my concentration was difficult. I had to do something completely different. The start was therefore not ideal.'

Rosberg saw himself reminded of 2014. At that time it was stopped by a defective cable inside the steering column. 'That was almost the same as last year. I was at the end of the pit lane,' said the driver, shaking his head after the déjà vu. 'I don't know exactly what the problem was. It probably only occurred in the pit lane.'

Rosberg doesn't care about Vettel

Under these circumstances, the 12 points for fourth place were almost already positive. But that's not how Rosberg wanted to see it: 'I'm not at all satisfied. To come in fourth in no man's land is very sobering.' The fact that Sebastian Vettel is now only 8 points behind him in the World Cup, leaves Rosberg cold: 'I'm just looking ahead. I want to win. It doesn't matter whether 2 or 3. I want to go for one . '


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