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Nico Hülkenberg with a flat tire: shocking moment after rim damage

Nico Hülkenberg with flat feet
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N ico Hülkenberg could hardly believe his eyes. After the first training session for the Canadian GP, ​​the Force India driver's name was in fourth place in the time class - higher than ever this season. Only the two Mercedes and Romain Grosjean's Lotus were faster.

The timesheet reflected the good impression in the car: 'The performance today was very good. We were pleasantly surprised. From the start this morning has been the car felt good. I immediately found confidence, which is very important here. Now we just have to save it over the next few days. '

Defective rim causes puncture

In the afternoon Hülkenberg only ended up in 11th place. But there were reasons for that. On the one hand, Force India had been chasing times with supersoft tires very early on in the session, when the track did not yet have the best grip. In addition, Hülkenberg was stopped for a short time by a flat tire.

At first, no one knew what had happened when the Force India hobbled back into the pits. The command post asked the pilot whether he had touched any gang. But Hulkenberg said no. At Pirelli, it quickly became apparent that the tire was not to blame.

Finally, the rim was identified as the culprit. After an investigation, the team confirmed that the high-tech carbon fiber composite wheel was defective. This problem has never occurred before.

But no cause for concern for Hülkenberg. He had quickly ticked off the incident itself. 'That was not particularly spectacular. It all happened very suddenly when I was accelerating at the exit of Turn 7. The car broke out briefly at the rear. I immediately saw that the tire was flat. That wasn't particularly dramatic.'

Hülkenberg without long run on Supersoft

Worse than the incident itself was the lost training opportunity: 'Unfortunately, after the problem I couldn't do a long run on the Supersoft. But we have some data from Checo (Perez) All pilots are in the same situation today that the information is limited. '

In the rain, Force India refrained from driving. 'There was no point in taking risks. It's always especially dangerous here when it's wet. I wasn't surprised when Lewis got aquaplaning. You could see how high the water was at Turn 10was standing. If I had gone out, I would have at least got the right rain tires. '


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