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Nico Hülkenberg on Bianchi: & # 34; Not angry, but frustrated & # 34;

Nico Hülkenberg on Bianchi
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A n Friday (10.2.) At 9:00 am was the waiting time for Nico Hulkenberg finally over. The German had been on the bench at Force India for a year. He had to watch for three days in Jerez before he was finally able to make his debut as a regular driver in the brand new VJM05.

Bad timing for Hülkenberg

Actually, Hülkenberg was already on the third day of testing divided, but in the morning, substitute Jules Bianchi threw the new car into the gang so roughly that the session fell through for the German. It was only after spare parts for the brakes had flown in from England that we could start.

The initial resentment against the team-mate disappeared again after the test: 'I'm not angry. Something like that happened. It's still.' at the beginning of his career, 'said Hulkenberg mildly. But he couldn't completely hide his anger: 'Of course it's annoying and frustrating. I'm here and want to collect my first kilometers. The timing is stupid. But I've done things like that myself and can empathize with it.' br>

Hülkenberg drives 'like eggs'

On Friday, Hülkenberg first had to catch up on the program that had previously failed. So the Schlaks from Emmerich found it difficult to get going: 'We had to catch up on a bit of aerodynamics work from yesterday. In the morning I drove around with a large measuring part on the side box and had old tires on it. The track was four degrees . Nothing worked at all. It was like being on eggs. '

Even the sitting position didn't fit right at the beginning. But when that was corrected, Hulkenberg got better and better. 'After a two-and-a-half month break it takes a while to get used to it again. After the lunch break, however, I got into the car again with a much better driving experience. You just need kilometers in a Formula 1 car. After 15 to 20 laps you have that Formula 1 feeling back in there. '

Compared to last year's car, the 24-year-old couldn't find any major differences. 'It's not much different. You can tell that the blown diffuser is no longer there. There is simply a little missing at the back,' is the first impression.

Hülkenberg does not take any risks

But he has not yet been able to make any statement about the performance of his new company car. The route is not representative. There is still no comparison data with the competition.Only this much: 'We have a good basis. Of course there are still things here and there that we can and must improve. In general, however, I am satisfied with the day.'

With a time of 1: The Force India driver finished seventh in the ranking for 19,977 minutes. More important, however, were the 90 laps driven. 'Today it wasn't about times, but about as many kilometers as possible.'

After Bianchi's mistake the day before, Hulkenberg did not take any unnecessary risks. 'But you don't go for a Sunday stroll either. You have to see what the car can do and how your own feeling is. Of course, it's not a qualifying in which you squeeze the last bit out


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