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Nico Hülkenberg is patient: & # 34; There is no magic wand for us & # 34;

Nico Hülkenberg is patient
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F or for Nico Hülkenberg, one race is like another. It's a struggle for survival. The Force India has neither strengths nor weaknesses. The car is just too slow. No matter whether in Shanghai or in Bahrain. It doesn't matter if it's hot or cold. For the drivers and engineers, it is important to make the best of a package that simply generates too little downforce.

Hülkenberg fights with a blunt weapon

The problem here: The 2015 Force India has a much smaller voting window than its predecessor. And significantly higher tire wear. A real vicious circle. The engineers have to adjust the car to understeer to protect the rear tires. If the setup then does not fit one hundred percent, understeer occurs from the middle of the curve and the tail breaks out anyway at the exit. That ruins the tires.

Hülkenberg sees this as the big task until the B version of the VJM08 is operational. 'We have to find that point where the car works best. The late completion delayed the learning process. We are now trying to understand how we can make the window bigger. Generally, that won't change much. The car is slow, and for that there is no magic wand. We are currently fighting with a blunt weapon. '

Force India is trying to cover up the deficits with alternative strategies. As good as possible. In the past, the tactic 'one stop less' was the wild card for the sixth in the World Cup last year. This is out of the question at the moment because of the high level of tire wear. So you do the opposite. 'The tactic with one more stop allows us to attack a little more. But it is not the key for every situation. My team-mate only finished eleventh in China.'

Major engine failure in Shanghai

So far, Force India has at least lived off its stability. That has changed since the Chinese GP. Hülkenberg's race was over after nine laps. Gearbox damage was officially reported. In fact, it was a major engine breakdown. The crankshaft is said to be broken. The Mercedes factor no longer stands out as it did last year. When it comes to power, Ferrari caught up with Mercedes.

So Hülkenberg and Perez live on the hope that everything will get better in the second half of the season. In Austria, at the latest in England, the B version should be ready. For the late debut, it's not just problemsresponsible for the cash flow and the change of the wind tunnel. 'We wanted to fully understand what is wrong with this car. It takes time.' Hülkenberg already experienced this situation in 2013 with Sauber. A difficult start to the season, then a terrific finale. 'The experience from back then taught me that a year can be long and that things can change fundamentally.'


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