Nico Hülkenberg increases market value

Nico Hülkenberg increases market value
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N ico Hulkenberg beamed all over his face. In the 18th attempt he already achieved his first pole position. With that he made the leap into the record books. Only 83 other racing drivers have been on the best starting position at least once since 1950. The youngest pole position holder assessed his performance correctly: 'It will stay in the books forever, nobody will take that away from me. But it won't bring me any points for the race.' Stable rival Rubens Barrichello confirms: 'We have to fight hard in the race to finish in the top six.'

Hülkenberg with an upward trend

The otherwise tough Patrick Head also praised Patrick Head : 'That was a great drive from Nico. Very determined, very disciplined, flawless.' The gray eminence of the team is particularly impressed by the learning process of his youngster: 'Nico started at a good level, but he learned incredibly quickly. The more comfortable he feels in the car, the more confident he becomes in his decisions small examples like the third free practice session. Nico was happy with his car in the rain. He left after twelve laps to save the tires. At the beginning of the season he would have driven lap after lap to get more safety. '

Rubens Barrichello is Hülkenberg's best ally when it comes to keeping the German on the team. It could cost the oldie itself the place, should Williams continue to rely on Hülkenberg. 'I said to Frank that he had a future champion in Nico. He's one of the strongest team-mates I've ever had. Of course, he still lacks experience, but he learns quickly. That was shown in qualifying. It was Difficult conditions, but for us the only ones in which we could cause a surprise. That would not have been possible if it had been completely wet or completely dry. Nico used the circumstances perfectly to his advantage. '

Patrick Head with trembling in his voice

The rumors that he will end up without a cockpit leave the longest-serving driver cold. 'I talk to the team about the details of the new car as if I would be on board next year. In the end, it's in Frank's hands, but from what I know I have a good feeling.'

Williams is a British team. Emotions are taboo there. A 'well done' counts like an accolade. Patrick Head jumped after the first pole position for his team after 100Running over his shadow, as Hulkenberg says with amusement: 'He said: Nico did a great job. But there was a tremor in his voice and he laughed. I was told that he doesn't always react as emotionally.'

'Well done' by Frank Williams

Frank Williams called Head on his mobile phone five seconds after taking pole position. The tech man grins: 'Typically Frank. He said well done and from then on just wanted to talk about the race.'

Hulkenberg was happy about the applause, but stayed on the carpet: 'All the beautiful words don't bring me a contract. I have to keep fighting, do my best and hope that my performance is good. ' He brings talent, but not money. However, since the pole position at the latest, other teams have also noticed him. If there is still a vacancy at Renault, Force India or even Red Bull, Hülkenberg will now be higher up on the list than before.


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