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Nico Hülkenberg: & # 34; Talent should come before money & # 34;

Nico Hülkenberg after the GP Brazil
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Why weren't you able to keep the competitors at the start of the race?
H ülkenberg: My car slipped a lot. I've been an easy target for Mark (Webber). Alonso was also over pretty quickly. Lewis (Hamilton) has had more problems. He didn't come by at all. Not until we pitted.

How did it go on the track today?
Hülkenberg: Today it was much more difficult. I had some problems with a car touching down and a lot of vibrations in the car. I wasn't happy with the balance either. I had both oversteer and understeer. The pace just wasn't right. That is why cars from far behind, like Mercedes or Jenson Button, arrived well ahead of us. If we're half a second faster per lap, then we've already achieved a lot.

Did you enjoy the fights a little or was it more of a ride in hell?
Hülkenberg: I really enjoyed fighting with the big teams. I could annoy them a little. I think I defended myself hard but fair. Nobody complained. Lewis even came to me and congratulated me on my performance. I hope that it was good entertainment for the audience as well.

What went wrong at the start?
Hülkenberg: I just had too much Wheelspin.

What was the reason for that?
Hülkenberg: I don't know. I haven't looked at the data yet. It just happens. You can't always tell whether it was a mistake by the car or the driver.

Were you nervous before the start?
Hülkenberg: Yes, I was a little more nervous than usual. But that's also a good thing. You stay focused. And if you weren't a little nervous at the first start from pole position, you wouldn't be human.

Could you have kept the Mercedes behind with a different strategy?
Hülkenberg: I think the strategy worked. Our pace just wasn't there. The balance wasn't right. And the tire wear was too high. Those are more of the reasons why we lost to them.

Was it the best Formula 1 race of your career?
Hülkenberg: There were other strong races as well. But the whole weekend has already stood out.

Feel likenew driver? Has the status improved?
Hülkenberg: Not really. I'm still the same It's my first season. There is still a lot to learn, but I'm making good progress. That's how it has to be.

What are the chances for next year?
Hülkenberg: You have to Frank Williams and ask Patrick Head. I think I didn't do anything wrong this weekend. I was able to make the most of my opportunities.

Wouldn't it be unfair if you lost the place?
Hulkenberg: Talent should be come before money. But when the economy causes problems, that's no longer true. I think Rubens and I are a perfect driver combination. I hope we can continue to ride together.


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