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Nico Hülkenberg: & # 34; I'm a racing driver and I try it & # 34;

Interview with Nico Hülkenberg
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Before your collision with Daniel Ricciardo, the front wing broke on the right in front. A repetition of the Hungary problem?

H ülkenberg: No, that had no structural reasons. The wing was damaged by a contact with a Toro Rosso a few laps earlier.

Was that why the accident with Ricciardo was inevitable?

Hülkenberg: It was part of it. I braked on the track that was still a bit damp. It was more difficult to delay there. Then I had less downforce from the front wing, and both together were too much.

Are you annoyed with yourself?

Hülkenberg: Sure, it's annoying. There were really big points today. The biggest pain is: that was a cool race. It was a lot of fun. It was the best race we've seen in a long time. Then there is the record of the last races. Too many accidents happen. Unfortunately, often where we have the potential to end up at the front. But you can only call that when you see the checkered flag.

You and Vettel were the fastest on slicks and wet roads?

Hülkenberg: Rosberg is one of them.

But he drives his Mercedes out of competition.

Hülkenberg: For me, these are the conditions that I like best. You can let it fly and you don't have to stroke the tire. You often have a damp spot in the middle of the curve. But you know exactly that behind it there is grip again, slip over it and have to let go. Others may hesitate a little more. This is a bit of a borderline area, and I like it a lot.

In the initial phase, the journey was backwards. What was that going on?

Hülkenberg: Nothing was going on with intermediates today. We are generally a bit weak compared to rain tires and slicks. Something is wrong there. We need to investigate. I had no balance, no grip, had huge problems braking andwith grip. Actually, I was really happy that I was overtaken by 4 cars in one lap. Then I was able to sort out my things and get on my feet.

How difficult was it to get the best timing for intermediates on slicks?

Hülkenberg: It was difficult. The track has a strange asphalt. You don't see: is it dry, is it wet? The intermediates were so worn off that you couldn't feel anything. Before that, a Lotus and a Williams tried it with slicks, and they were so starved out there that I didn't want to burn my fingers and be too early. In retrospect, a lap earlier would have been the golden handle.

Was Ericsson the trigger to go on slicks?

Hülkenberg: For us, more Hamilton, Vettel and Toro Rosso in our group. Then all of a sudden the switch was on and things were really moving forward.

Where did you see yourself in the race at this point?

Hülkenberg: I was in fifth place there. The Toro Rosso was within reach. I could keep up with that too. So, fourth place would be a must.

It is the third accident in four races. Are you driving too aggressively?

Hulkenberg: I don't think so. It's not like I come along with the knife between my teeth. I am a racing driver and I try it. If I didn't, that would also be questioned. If there is a chance, you have to grab it. Unfortunately it didn't work out today. You can touch each other sometimes, and it goes on. If the suspension breaks in front, that's just unfortunate.

Have you spoken to Ricciardo yet?

Hülkenberg: Yes, but he's not angry. He knows it was a normal racing accident. It didn't affect his race anyway.


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