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Nico Hülkenberg: & # 34; 2016 should be the best F1 year & # 34;

Interview with Nico Hülkenberg
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How was your winter?

H ülkenberg: First I was traveling for 10 days at a time. And sick immediately afterwards. The racing driver sometimes has a break in winter, and she does very well. It's time to go on vacation, switch off and recharge your batteries. After the final, I was in the factory for two days and reviewed the season with the engineers. Everything analyzed again: what was good, what was bad, what do we have to work on? Christmas and New Years are really hibernation. It's pretty quiet in the factory too. You'll also get fewer emails from the team.

And now in January?

Hülkenberg: Now things are slowly starting again. Adjust the seat, see in reality where the car is, what has been done. In between there were repeated calls to your engineer and management.

How long are you relaxed, when do you start the turbo again?

Hülkenberg : The turbo for the training will start again at the beginning of January. But that's all dry training. The enthusiasm comes when the first driving date approaches.

Is the training difficult when you know that the first tests will not take place for 12 weeks?

Hülkenberg: Sure, sometimes you have to kick your butt and get off the couch. But you are responsible for yourself and you have to know how much you have to accelerate to get going.

What does 'accelerate' mean for you?

Hülkenberg: Alone, I constantly roll off a program for myself. I'm only going down for 2 weeks at the end of December. Not any longer, otherwise you will fall off too much and have to catch up too much. But after that it gets intense. I spend a week or two in a camp with the trainer. You can do that all day with two regular training units in the morning and afternoon. In between, training for reaction and balance. Now the traveling around is starting again, and of course you have to plan everything around it. I won't get bored.

You went to a sports quiz last weekat the BBC in the evening program. Which motorsport question could you not answer?

Hülkenberg: Only one. They wanted to know the name of the tennis player who bears the same name as a Formula 1 driver who clinched a podium position in 2015.

And who was it?

Hülkenberg: A certain Sebastien Grosjean.

But you cannot drive a racing car for two and a half months. Do you react by going karting?

Hulkenberg: Some of my colleagues do that. I'm also currently thinking about going back to the kart track in February. It's funny with us. The tennis player plays tennis every day, the swimmer goes swimming every day. We just have to wait. Sometimes the distance is also good, even if the break is a bit long this time. But I know from experience: when I get in the car in Barcelona, ​​the feeling is there again immediately and I know what to do. It's just our craft and not so that I feel mega rusty.

Did you actually have contact with your teammate over the winter?

Hülkenberg: Hey, come on, your teammate is not one you call for Christmas now. We don't send each other a New Year's card either. Last week we missed each other by a day at the factory. We will meet at a PR event in February.

What are your goals for the new season?

Hülkenberg: I'm hungry. I want to attack. And I want 2016 to be my best year in Formula 1. There is no reason why Force India should not build on the good performance since we were on the road with the B version of the car last year.

Places 4 to 6 will be hard fought?

Hülkenberg: One can speculate a lot. We have to focus on ourselves and do our homework. And fix the weaknesses that we had last year. That's what we did in winter time. That's why I'm also confident. It is also clear to us that any potential opponent can be tough. McLaren, when more power comes from Honda. Toro Rosso with Ferrari engines. Red Bull anyway. I also rate Haas F1 as strong right from the start. Our approach should perhaps be that we get to the level of Williams.


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