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New Red Bull helmets for 2019: Verstappen now all in white

New Red Bull helmets for 2019
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S ebastian Vettel drives a helmet in a white basic color, Lewis Hamilton drives a helmet in a light basic color and in the future Max Verstappen will also wear this look. The Red Bull pilot had a new design made for 2019, which his fans will probably have to get used to.

The 21-year-old used to wear dark blue head protection. This color can now only be recognized on the forehead as a background to the Red Bull logo. Speaking of the Red Bull logo: All pilots from the roster of the energy drink group must have their well-known trademarks prominently on both the front and the side of the helmet.

Verstappen with an aggressive look

'The white looks a bit fresher than before, I think,' the pilot explained the change. “I added a few more golden accents. I think that looks really cool. It looks really aggressive. I am happy that this completely changed look is finally going to start again soon. And I hope the fans like it too. ”

The lion, the heraldic animal of the Netherlands, is still painted on the top of the helmet. However, now in orange on white and no longer on dark blue. In 2019, of course, the logos of the new engine partner Honda were added. The Aston Martin lettering is also still on the helmet, on the stripe above the visor.

Red Bull
Like Vettel and Hamilton, Max Verstappen now wears a lot of white on his new helmet.

In addition to the new helmet design, the new shape of the helmets is also easy to recognize. The FIA ​​has introduced a new safety standard for the 2019 season. The impact protection of the carbon shell has been reinforced again. The new generation of helmets is most clearly recognizable by the omission of the Zylon stripe that was previously stuck to the top of the visor. Nowthe protection is integrated into the helmet. This makes the driver's field of vision a little smaller.

Gasly is wearing the colors of France

Verstappen's new team-mate Pierre Gasly has also presented his new helmet. But not that much has changed with the former Toro Rosso pilot: “I have adjusted the design a little. But it's still the Red Bull colors that are mixed with the tones of the French flag, ”the newcomer explained the design the onboard camera should see. “I chose number 10 because I'm a huge Zinedine Zidane fan. And with this starting number, I won Formula Renault in 2013 before I was accepted into the Red Bull Junior Program. That was an important year for me. '

Gasly has also added two small dedications to the design:' In the front, under the visor, there is a 'V' that stands for Valentin. The French flag on the top also says “JB17” as a memory of Jules Bianchi. ”He was one of my best friends and unfortunately died two years ago. In addition to its new logo, Gasly has also added the motivational slogan “Work out, dream big!” To the back. 'I've been following this motto since I was very little.'


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