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New radio ban for 2016: These 31 radio messages are still allowed

New radio ban for 2016
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D he engineers at the pits will no longer be allowed to drive their pilots in the future support as much as before. As requested by many fans, the FIA ​​wants to severely restrict radio traffic from 2016. So that there are no gray areas about allowed and forbidden radio messages as before, the rulers have listed in detail which information does not violate Article 20.1 of the sporting regulations.

A total of 31 scenarios are listed that will still be from the box into the future Cockpit may be forwarded. Any further communication will be punished with penalties. We have the details:

1. Information about critical technical problems, for example an impending flat foot or a defect

2. Information about problems with another car

3. Instructions for approaching the box for repair or abandonment

4. Information about safety on the track: yellow flags, red flags, start-abortion or similar information from the race management

5. Information about wet track, oil or debris in certain curves.

6. Instruction to change position with other riders.

7. Confirmation that a message from the driver has been understood.

8. Details about lap or sector times

9. Lap times of opposing drivers.

10. Distances to opposing drivers in training or racing

11. Encouragement: 'Push hard', 'Push now' or 'your opponent is called xy' or something similar

12. Help with impending traffic /hindrances in the race or training

13. Instructions for traffic gaps in qualifying to ensure a clean lap.

14. Information on tire selection for the next pit stop.

15. Number of laps an opponent has completed on a set of tires.

16. Information about the tire choice of an opposing driver.

17. Information about a competitor's likely strategy

18. Information on the safety car window

19. Information about offenses by an opposing driver, for example leaving the track or missing a chicane

20. Information that DRS is activated or not activated

21. Information on how to deal with a DRS problem

22. Information on changes to the front wing at the next pit stop

23. Information about oil loss

24. Information about the time of the pit stop

25. Reminder not to close white lines at the pit exitrun over or not miss the FIA ​​scales.

26. Reminder to comply with the route limits.

27. Forwarding of messages from the race management.

28. Information about damage to the car.

29. Info about the number of remaining race laps

30. Information about test programs in training, for example aero settings

31. Information about the weather


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