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New qualification mode: Do you have to vote again?

Opposition to the new qualification mode
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S o Formula 1 is slowly making itself ridiculous. Because one hand doesn't know what the other is doing. Ferrari racing director Maurizio Arrivabene voted in the Formula 1 commission for the new qualification mode, in which the last one is thrown out every 90 seconds. Unanimity was the prerequisite for a rule change that will take effect in 2016. A week later, President Sergio Marchionne said at the Geneva Motor Show that he would vote against the tightened qualification system.

But he can no longer do that. Once a decision has been made, it cannot be reversed. Now only the FIA ​​World Council decides. There is only one way for Ferrari to prevent the new knockout system. If the qualification mode is not introduced in Melbourne, then there must be a new vote by all decision-making bodies. Because the rule change then only takes place in the season. That would be new prerequisites.

Vote only on changing the change in qualifying mode

When Bernie Ecclestone announced a postponement to the Spanish GP, this case seemed to arise. But then, according to information from auto motor und sport , Ecclestone promised the FIA ​​that the software for the timekeeping could be changed accordingly until the start of the season. But now some teams are seeing a new move to overturn the qualification.

In a conversation between FIA race director Charlie Whiting and the team managers, adjustments to the mode presented by the FIA ​​last week came on the table. The team managers suggested leaving Q3 as it is. Q1 and Q2 should follow exactly identical rules so as not to confuse the audience. McLaren team boss Eric Boullier then says: 'That would be another change in the rules. It would have to go through the strategy group and the Formula 1 commission again.'

But the only thing that the team bosses could vote on the change would be the change. There is no backdoor to completely overturning the mode. Especially since the desire to modify the new system again does not come from the FIA, but from the team managers. The FIA ​​can revert to the original mode at any time.


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