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New Pirelli tires: Pirelli wants more excitement in 2013

New Pirelli tires
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F he step comes too late for Michael Schumacher. During the first training session for the Brazilian GP, ​​Pirelli presented the prototype of the tire family that will be used next year. In general, this tire will make it easier to get into the work window and stay there. And you can drive it a little more aggressively. Just as Schumacher wanted it to be.

The 2013 tire is softer in the flanks and has more springiness. For the aerodynamicists, this means adjustment work on their cars because the flow behind the tires changes. The running surface is stiffer and therefore moves less. The drivers appreciate that because they will feel more grip and lateral stability in the middle part of the curve. The investments in the carcass make the tire one kilogram heavier.

New tire two tenths faster

In Interlagos, the new constructions were delivered with the hard rubber compound from 2012. On average, most of the pilots were two tenths faster. When Pirelli launches softer rubber compounds next year, lap times will drop even more.

The tire will heat up faster but will also degrade faster. 'We want more pit stops again. The races should remain exciting', tire boss Paul Hembery explains the move. In the last three races, most of the teams used a one-stop strategy.


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